Lush Dirty Springwash Shower Gel 8.4 OZ Review


This product was mentioned in a few other posts in the past. However, I have only now finished all of it, and feel that I can give a full review.

I have to start by saying this probably isn’t something I would have tried on my own. I won this and other products in a giveaway last summer that was held in the lush times, which is their newsletter / catalog (It is free, and I personally love looking at it. There are actual articles about ethical issues they support and it’s quite interesting.) Anyway, I usually go for citrus scents (not always, sometimes I’ll go for a sweeter scent, but citrus most of the time.) This smells like spearmint. It is a unisex scent as well. I guess it was originally for men but women started using it? Anyway, I’m so glad I won this shower gel, for different reasons.

1. It lasted FOREVER. By Forever, I mean I started using it in July, and it’s now the end of November. That’s over 4 months, out of a bottle that isn’t even 10 ounces! By comparison, I usually go through a 10 oz. bottle from Bath & Body Works in probably 3 months. (This is a guess. I’m not quite sure.) A little bit of this really goes a long way. It’s something other fellow Lush lovers say but you don’t fully understand until you’ve used it. Because I certainly didn’t expect it to last this long. And it lathered up excellently. Usually I still had quite a bit left on my shower pouff after I finished showering.

2. I really did love the scent. It was very fresh, and surprisingly translated well through the season change. Of course in July, this would be refreshing, but I wasn’t sure if I would be sick of it by the end of September, which is what usually happens. (I’m usually like to use a product start to finish, then switch. But usually by the time a lotion or shower gel is 3/4 gone, I’m ready to switch.) However, I never got sick of it, and what was refreshing in the summer continued to be just as delightful into the fall. I was really surprised by this. It is also sort of a relaxing scent, as it’s not too strong. I really loved it!

3. They give you your money’s worth. While I didn’t buy this, spending $20 on a 8 oz bottle is something I would consider an investment. Not a huge one, but a small one. I was surprised when I opened it to find it was filled literally almost to the top of the cap. They put in as much product as was actually possible. It was also sealed so it wouldn’t leak everywhere.

4. It does mention on the bottle you can use this as a shampoo. I didn’t find that it did anything for my hair necessarily (though understandable, as it’s a body wash, and wouldn’t have any ingredients found in specialty hair shampoos), but it did clean it and it smelled nice. I would say it works as a purifying shampoo, though I wouldn’t use it just as a shampoo, unless you were a guy with short hair. If you’re a girl with not short hair, it would probably be best to stick to your typical shampoo.

Overall, I loved this. Once I’ve run out of products (which probably won’t be anytime soon) I am definitely going to buy this. I feel like it was an excellent shower gel, I just loved the scent and product overall. This was my first time using a Lush shower gel, but it won’t be the last! 5/5 Stars

DISCLAIMER: I won this product in a giveaway, but I was never asked to review this product. I just wanted to share my opinion, which is entirely my own.

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